What is LoanSimple?

LoanSimple is a trademark of Unogrowth Technologies Pvt Ltd, a technology platform that helps micro businesses tailored financial products (credit line, payments & insurance). Our data-driven platform analyzes data from a lot of sources to assess the business performance of micro business and offer them products.

We work with partner NBFCs, Banks and Insurance companies to offer products to our customers.

Why do micro businesses use LoanSimple?

Micro businesses today form the backbone of the Indian economy, but access to credit and other financial products is time-consuming for them. We truly understand how a micro business operates and our application process is Simple. With access to capital and other financial products, a micro business can grow its earnings with us.

Is LoanSimple an RBI registered NBFC?

Our subsidiary company Unogrowth Credit India Pvt Ltd is a registered NBFC, under RBI (Reserve Bank of India). Credit Products are offered by other partner NBFCs also.