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Sports World

Having already being offered two top-ups, Arun looks ahead for more LoanSimple support.

Arohi Streaks & Salon

I was absolutely startled to see door step service on our business premises and our residential and business premises not being an issue

Rajasthan General Store

Ramavtar relishes the prompt end-to-end process and efficient grievance redressal at LoanSimple.

Amritsar Cloth House

I have referred many fellow businessmen in the market for the product as it really resonates with our fund requirements and is quick and fast

Anmol Communication

Doorstep service, limited follow-ups & documentation, approachability, flexible repayment mechanism is something I have not seen under one umbrella

MK Dye Maker

Everything right from people visiting my business premises in order to make sure that I run a legit business to setting up my automated repayment environment happened within just 5 days

Nanak Batteries

Information dissemination is the key I would say with LoanSimple. My whole loan performance is available on mobile app. Plus I do not have to leave work in order to bother about my repayments

Shree Balaji Decors

The best part is the daily repayment structure which is so miniscule that I really don’t get to know when my repayment happens from my daily sales and loan gets paid off in an organic manner without any hassle

Siraj Tyre Shop

LoanSimple's unbiased attitude towards my work and the fact that I don’t own my house and business premises is in no way an impediment to procuring legitimate credit

Star Spa

Having already raised 3 top – ups, Samin has successfully leased on 3 Spas and employs a staff of 15 people.

YA Medicos

Pawan says that the best part of dealing with LoanSimple is promptness.