Minimum Qualification Requirements

Our application process involves paper-less minimal documentation that requires no time at all, spend time on your business and let us take care of the rest.

Qualification Requirements

  • At-least 1 year old business
  • 2+ lakhs monthly revenue
  • No home & business premises ownership required

Hassle Free Application Process

  • Basic KYC Requirement PAN & Aadhaar
  • 12 months bank statement

Using LoanSimple Credit Line

Our algorithms offers ability to enhance your credit line based on your business performance and repayment data. Draw more cash whenever required.

Simple Stories

Helping micro business owners to grow their business is the most important thing we do. Our credit, payments and insurance products are tailored according to their needs. Let our customers tell you how LoanSimple has helped them in their business, but they are the real heroes for us.

LoanSimple Score: because we understand business cash-flows better

We understand that there has to be a new paradigm when it comes to underwriting loans for micro-businesses. Our AI powered LoanSimple score takes into account the vertical specific factors along with general information to assess a business. See how it works...

Get Money in 48 Hours

Applying for a credit line is easy, enter details below and our representative will get in touch with you.

Minimum Requirements

  • Your business should be at-least 1 year old
  • Revenues of 2 lakhs+ per month