Minimum Qualification Requirements

Our application process involves paper-less minimal documentation that requires no time at all, spend time on your business and let us take care of the rest.

Loan Details

  • Annual Interest Rate: 18% onwards
  • Penalty Interest Rate: 0.1% of the overdue amount per day
  • Processing Fee: 3% of sanctioned amount + GST
  • Tenure: 3-12 months

Qualification Requirements

  • At-least 1 year old business
  • 2+ lakhs monthly revenue

Hassle Free Application Process

  • Basic KYC Requirement PAN & Aadhaar
  • 12 months bank statement
  • No Collateral Required No home & business premises ownership required
  • Approved within 48 hours
  • Top-up within next 24 hours

LoanSimple helps you build and grow micro businesses

Micro businesses form the backbone of our economy & contribute 90% to employment generation in India, however access to financial products be it credit, payments or insurance is a real challenge for them. LoanSimple is helping micro businesses by building financial products that cater to their needs by providing credit line starting at an interest rate of 1.5% per month.

Minimal DocumentationPAN, Aadhaar and 12months bank statement
No Collateralcredit line offered to both side rented
Draw Cash Instantlyapproved in 48hrs, top-up whenever you need

LoanSimple by Numbers

Indian economy is powered by 50 million micro-businesses, we have just started our journey and are dedicated towards empowering them.

1lakh - 5lakhscredit line offered
50+ crorescredit line extended so far
5000+micro businesses empowered #
# More than half of these businesses have both house & business premises rented.